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Graminex® is derived from the Latin term for the grass family Graminaceae. This family of grasses is considered one of the most important species of flowering plants in the world as much of agriculture and human life is nearly totally dependent on their successful growth and harvest for vital nutrients.

Don't be confused grasses are flowers; the function of a flower is to ensure the fertilization of the plant in order to develop seed for reproduction. In the world there is thought to be over 250,000 species of flowering plants. While the exact formula for our pollen extract is proprietary information, the vast majority of our mechanically harvested pollen is taken from Rye grass.


Every day we are bombarded with allergens, from dust and mold spores to pollens. However the pollen in Graminex®'s extracts is non-allergenic. There are a number of reasons for this however the top reason is our extractions process. Allergens collect on the outside (exine) of the pollen grain, during the extraction process this outer layer is separated from the inner nutrients and filtered out leaving the only the "good" nutrients. Graminex® has tested its extracts for allergens using external laboratories and has complete oral and dermal toxicology studies to back up our non-allergen statement. Further, clinical studies suggest the use of flower pollen extract may aid in the support of normal immune function and act to support seasonal allergy sufferers.