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Graminex® standardized rye grass flower pollen extracts have a variety of applications due to its scientific substantiation and its concentrated nutritional content. Applications include pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, functional food and beverage, cosmetics and pet food.

Graminex®'s expertise in analyzing, identifying and measuring low concentration compounds (occurring in starting materials) is vital to the development of new and existing products. Combined with our expertise in various industries we are well equipped to link problems found in one industry to solutions in another. Whether you need to formulate a product based upon the scientific substantiation of our pollen extract, boost the nutritional value of a food or drink, increase the efficacy of cosmetic products or use our expertise in harvesting pollen for a specific application. Graminex® is able to supply the information for your specific needs.

Graminex® Flower Pollen Extract is supported by more than 100 clinical studies for its various applications. Graminex® has worked in numerous countries for market and product development and can use this expertise to provide the requisite registrations for your government. Currently Graminex® flower pollen extracts are sold in more than 40 countries and is recognized as a producer of natural and pharmaceutical products by various FDA's around the world, including but not limited to the UK, Japan, Australia, Germany and Russia for natural support for prostate health and urinary flow. Graminex® can deliver each product with supporting documentation, including specification sheets and certificates of analysis, complete toxicology and safety studies, stability testing and even a drug master file. Samples of all products can also be supplied upon request.