Raw Products

Graminex® provides a variety of raw materials developed directly from our pollen grains. During our initial production, we extract field-harvested pollen grains to concentrate the nutrients found inside.

During this natural extraction process, we isolate two pollen fractions. One contains the lipid-soluble nutritional factors and the other contains the water-soluble nutritional factors. From these two fractions, we create a core group of four raw materials specially designed based on scientific support and performance during formulation. Each of these core raw materials is available for on-demand ordering. Outside this core group, specialty products are available to meet specific formulation and manufacturing needs.

  • Graminex® G63®
    G63® Flower Pollen Extract™ is our clinically supported raw material that contains both the water-soluble and lipid-soluble fractions of the pollen grain in a 20:1 ratio of G60®:GFX®.
  • Graminex® G60®
    Graminex® G60® Flower Pollen Extract™ is a powdered raw material that contains the isolated water-soluble fraction of the pollen grain. Each batch of G60® is standardized to NLT 6% amino acids. G60® is fully water-soluble and also offered as a clarified version, G60WS™.
  • Graminex® NAX
    Graminex® NAX™ Flower Pollen Extract™ is a paste raw material that contains the isolated lipid-soluble portion of the pollen grain. Each batch of NAX™ is standardized to NLT 7% phytosterols.