Graminex®‘s expertise in analyzing, identifying and measuring specific compounds is what makes our custom formulations unique. Whether it is a custom formula already on our shelf or a specific formula a customer is looking to create, our formulators are ready to help create something innovative.

Specializing in creating formulas based on scientific substantiation of our Flower Pollen Extract™ has allowed us to boost the nutritional value and function of supplements, foods and beverages. In addition to these products, Graminex® also formulates skin care products that contain our Flower Pollen Extract™. Once a finished formula is created, Graminex® will deliver the custom product with the supporting documentation necessary. We are continually seeking enhancements for our Flower Pollen Extract™ products to increase the ease of use, extend stability and merge the latest technology, all to boost the benefits of formulating with Flower Pollen Extract™.